Hi guys, my name is Volodymyr Strus

I love to travel

To travel anywhere, doesn't matter if it's 20 km from home or 20 000 km. Traveling gives me a feeling of constant movement. To see different places every time, to meet new people, to learn foreign culture it's always been an inspiration to me. And now for 10 years straight I'm traveling and will be doing that as long as I can.


I love to capture moments

For me to do something by myself is a pleasure, it's enjoyment from a process of itself. I want to show on my photos not just a people in a frame but emotions, feelings that they have in this very special moment, the look they give each other, touch or kiss. It's all unique! You can't create or made that up, you can only capture it.


And I love my family

I have an unbelievable amazing loving wife and the cutest ever little baby girl. They are my love, my everything, my world where I wanna be present every single day. A chance to be around them is the best gift ever.


Love your family and value other people!