What couples say

Сказать, что я в восторге, значит ничего не сказать! Владимир - позитивный, искренний и талантливый человек, с первой секунды сумел расположить к себе, настоящий профессионал своего дела!  Фотографии получились нежными, но при этом яркими, живыми. Безумно понравился Ваш стиль: ракурс, обработка, все идеально! Спасибо зато, что вы сумели в кадре передать ту любовь, которую мы испытываем.


Anzhelika & Igor

Odessa | Ukraine  

When we met Volodymyr we were surprised by his ability to put us at ease in front of the goal, his ability to capture the beauty of every detail and his skill to immortalize it, leaving to the naturalness of the expressions. He is a nice guy, sunny and discreet, he works with passion, professionalism and is very helpful. The result of his work is wonderful. We were really happy to have met him, by chance, in Central Park. We were on our honeymoon and he made a beautiful gift with his photos, a special reminder.


Francesco & Sara

New York | USA

Чесно, ще не зустрічала фотографа з таким цікавим баченням кадру. Фантастичний! Якщо Вам потрібно "зловити момент" то звертайтесь саме сюди! Фото живі, емоційні та ду-у-уже естетичні. І головне - не хвилюйтесь, якщо ніколи перед тим не позували на камеру, бо все, що буде потрібно, це лише з задоволенням провести час. Будьте певні - це саме те, що ви так довго шукали.


Vira & Yura

Lviv | Ukraine

His photographer eye is unique, he is taking the pictures from awesome spots and the results are amazing. He always showed us how and where all others take photos and then he went to a different perspective for example of the bridge and photographed us through a tree and the shadows and lights turned out super good! He also told us how to stand, hold our hands, look at each other in a natural way and we liked the way he directed us. After almost 2 hours of laughs and work we got a lot of very good pictures taken. I'm so glad that we took the chances to get photos taken by Volodymyr this day in New York City - it was definitely the highlight of our New York Trip and I would recommend him as a photographer to anyone out there who wants to have special, unique and natural photos.


Veronika & Jozef

New York | USA

Этой весной у нас с мужем была фотосъемка лав стори. Впечатления остались только самые лучшие. Володя очень коммуникабельный и поэтому легко найти контакт, что очень важно, для удачной съемки. Его видение фото действительно особенное. Такие необычные ракурсы и кадры получаются, безумно интересно рассматривать детали на фото. Если ищете что-то особенное, искренне рекомендуем!


Veronika & Oleksiy

Kyiv | Ukraine

Siamo una coppia italiana e a Roma abbiamo avuto l'opportunità di farci fotografare da Volodymyr. È stata un'esperienza bellissima. Lui, molto simpatico, ci ha messo fin da subito a nostro agio. Il tempo è volato. Le foto sono molto belle e particolari. Ha colto la semplicità dei nostri gesti e della nostra love story. Per chi volesse un fotografo d'eccezione, consiglio Volodymyr.


Rossella & Giuanluca

Rome | Italy

Awesome photographer! It was so easy and fun to spend time together with Volodymyr, we haven’t even noticed that it was a photoshoot. All the time we were behaving naturally and just do what was comfortable, while Volodymyr was capturing our perfect moments. Pictures came out stunning! We loved the play of light and colors, and especially the way he sees surroundings. Every single picture is a memory for a lifetime, these are the ones we’ll show to our kids and grandkids when we grow old.


Tanya & Artem

New York | USA

Чудовий фотограф, і просто хороша людина, яка подарувала нам купу крутих фото і ще більше таких емоцій.. кожне фото як маленька сторі,загадкова та ніжна. Дякуємо!)


Olya & Istvan

Budapest | Hungary

Working with you was very comfortable and easy. We are very please with how the photos came out and your exceptional attention to detail! Would highly recommend you to others.


James & Lauren

New York | USA

We’ve been wanting to have a photo session during our pregnancy. This blessing from God has drawn me and my husband closer to each other everyday and to have these memories framed in Vova Strus’ lens really means a lot to us. We clearly remember the weather that day of our photo shoot, the clouds were getting dark and we almost felt like it’s not a good timing at all. But Vova was very patient, waited for the sunshine to appear. His creativity keeps flowing with every shot and he tells us which angle we are at our best. He made us feel very comfortable and spoke about his expectations from us. He showcased our love story from each and every shot. A Filipina lady and Ukrainian guy who fell in love with each other and now expecting a baby! We couldn’t be any happier and grateful to have this wonderful moment to cherish and show to our son in the future. Vova, you are very passionate in what you’re doing and we both wish for you nothing but success! Continue to capture life’s most precious moments that makes people happy. Looking forward to working again with you soon! who knows? maybe, with our second baby! :) May God continue to bless the work of your hands! you are an artist at heart


Janinna & Volodymyr 

Kyiv | Ukraine

This is an incredible photographer, his framing of the shots is extraordinary. From the moment we met Volodymyr for our photo shoot he made us feel relaxed and natural, it was like taking a walk with a friend. He created a good atmosphere but also captured the emotional moments. Would thoroughly recommend!


Polina & Volodymyr

Krakow | Poland

Мы получили огромное удовольствие совместив съемку и приятную прогулку с Володей. Интересный подход к рабочему процессу, необычные ракурсы,креативный взгляд. Работы получились замечательные, удалось передать всю атмосферу этого красивого города. Спасибо большое за твои работы и приятно проведённое время в восхитительной Венеции!


Katya & Artem

Venice | Italy